January 31, 2023


I’ve got a ton of utilities for my Mac which I couldn’t live without.  But…

PopClip is truly fantastic!  Its up there with the Wheel on the old Windows mouse, the iPhone, dual monitors, or having a urinal in your home bathroom…  Its one of those “Duh! I never knew I needed or wanted this”.


It was $5 very, very, very well spent for me.

Want to copy and paste text easily without the keyboard?  Yeah it makes copy and paste on your Mac work like it does on your iPhone.  If that were all, I would have bought it and been happy.  But wait…  there’s more!

See a hyperlink but you can’t click on it?  Highlight it and then click on PopClip’s link button.

When you highlight almost any text (web, word processor, mail, etc, etc, etc) you get a hover-menu with options of what to do to that text.

See a word or phrase you want to know more about or Google?  Highlight it and click the eyeglass icon and you get a browser with that text Googled.

It doesn’t get in your way, only makes the mundane easier and faster.  I must use it a couple hundred times a day.  I’m a keyboard guy, but since I am forced to do more with my mouse on the Mac – this utility makes my mouse workflow more fluid and natural.

I have no doubt that Apple will probably bake this into the Mac in the future, but I’m REALLY glad I have it now!


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