January 31, 2023

Solar USB Charger

I spent a lot of time researching Solar USB Chargers tonight.  

We have a four day canoe camping trip next week and my wife and I started stressing about strategies for maintaining at least one of our iPhone 4S’ with adequate power for the duration of our trip.  As much as we would love to be fully off the grid, its not possible for us.

I’ve been using a Duracell USB Battery Charger with decent results, but it can only charge a single device to full about 1.5 times.  That won’t cut it for this trip.  I thought about buying a few more of them, but I didn’t want the extra weight (low pack weight to me is next to godliness) or like the disposable nature of them.  And at around $40/ea, isn’t there anything else?

Living in South Texas we have Sun – LOTS of Sun – so Solar is clearly the best power choice, if the price is right.

After going through all of the reviews on Amazon I decided to take a chance on the Suntastics sCharger-5.  Yeah its pricey at $139.99 in comparison to all the alternatives.  But most of the alternatives have a very low output, which I know is just going to frustrate the hell out of me!


  • 6.25”x5.75” (closed size – some panels I saw on Amazon were 15”x14.5”x4 lbs!!)
  • 8oz/200g
  • Specifically mentions charging an iPhone 4S/iPad 2 and what to expect
  • While their website won’t win any design awards, it has everything a product site needs which I greatly appreciate
  • Appears to be made by real folks in the USA


  • It’s $139.99
  • No case is included, though I appreciate the links on their site to 3rd party options

Here is the link to this product on Amazon.

So it’ll be here Friday and I’ll get to put it through its paces.  I’ll report back with my actual review.


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