January 31, 2023

Recording a band live in your living room

This is sweet. Since I’ve been paying closer attention the last few years, I am still stunned at how realtively inexpensive doing these things can be.

I looked up the price of the Focusrite Saffire Pro 24 DSP – its commonly $399.00US. Add a computer, a few mics, cables and voila!

But the Saffire Pro is Firewire which limits your computer option to the Mac. But possibly the Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 is a new universal Mac & Windows solution – to be available at $499.00 soon.

The giant used 16-ch “Century” analog mixer I chipped in with 2 buddies when I was 16 was almost $900, and it was all but total crap ;)

I couldn’t agree more with Graham:

Using a simple and affordable studio setup, these guys got a great recording without a lot of fuss. Maybe we should all go back to the music side of things and focus less on the “studio magic” side of things in order to get a great recording.

It’s been awesome working with my son on laying down individual tracks and turning them into songs. Its amazing how far technology has come, especially since I was my son’s age. But working out song arrangements with live musicians is a more real measure of musicianship and success. Less “studio magic”, more “music”! I intend to insure my son learns that.



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