January 31, 2023

Disable Mac (hidden) Apps on Startup

From the terminal you can find apps that are starting on your Mac which are not listed anywhere else in the GUI, that I can find.

ls /Library/LaunchAgents/

In my case I found:


A quick

sudo rm -f com.logmein.hamachimb.plist
sudo rm -f com.epson.eventmanager.agent.plist
sudo rm -f com.logmein.hamachimb.plist

With that Cisco AnyConnect, Epson EventManager, and Logmein Hamachi no longer auto start themselves when I login. These programs still work if you launch them manually.


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6 thoughts on “Disable Mac (hidden) Apps on Startup

  1. Got a early 2015 macbook pro running any connect 4.0. I tried what you said above, but on restart it still opens up. I even deleted the launch agent here, /Library/LaunchAgents/. I also went into system preferences\user and groups\user account\login items and deleted it there. Upon restart, it still opens and appears again in the login items. Any idea how to get that to stop happening?


  2. I used the instructions above and also did the following:

    It seems like on certain systems you also need to alter the file /Library/LaunchDaemons/com.cisco.anyconnect.vpnagentd.plist:
    – Find the line RunAtLoad
    – and change the following line () to

    I also removed the Cisco Entry from “autostart” (User and Groups in system settings)

    1. this file seems to be locked and will only let me duplicate it but not edit it


      1. You have to duplicate the file, edit it, then replace and delete the old file. This will finally get rid of cisco’s little startup virus.

  3. Running AnyConnect version 4.2.01022 on MacBook Pro and El Capitan. Did CUSTOM INSTALL of only the VPN part of the program, since that’s all I need, and it doesn’t start up every time.
    Much simpler for me than all of the other things suggested.

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